It is absolutely critical to productivity that your machinery is operating at peak performance with minimal downtime. Premature bearing and gear failure occurs for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the build up of steel dust and abrasive particles in the lubricant which over a period of time, can slowly wear away the bearings internal structure or gearset causing excessive friction and as a result causing the bearing or gearset to heat up beyond what it was designed for and if left unchecked long enough, the excessive amount of heat building up can lead to a possible unexpected collapse of the bearing or gearset potentially causing untold damage.

SafeGas recommends analysing the bearing or gearset lubricant regularly to help monitor its condition and if necessary replace the lubricant in an effort to prolong the bearing or gearset life. Our oil and grease monitoring and testing is carried out on site or at your premises with results given within minutes.

SafeGas use specialised oil and grease detectors that analyse a small sample of the lubricant which can detect the smallest traces of steel dust and abrasives in the oil or grease which is the prelude to premature bearing or gearset failure even long before vibration becomes apparent and if detected early enough, can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in new bearings, gears and lost productivity. For your convenience, all tests are carried out on site or at your premises with readings given within minutes, so book your oil and grease monitoring and bearing lubrication analysis with SafeGas Monitoring Systems before it’s too late.

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