Fixed Gas Detector (Extractive Type) PD-12

Gas Detected
Combustible gas, toxic gas, etc.
4-digit digital LED display
Power Supply
24 VDC (18 to 30 VDC)

Extractive type gas detector with display and alarm. Easy to replace its sensor unit.

  • Small and lightweight with concentration and alarm display
  • Extractive type with hydrogen explosion proof (Ex d IIB + H2 T4X)
  • Detecting decreased flow rate function except PD-12C (option)
  • Environmental friendly product
  • Water and dust-proof construction (Degree of protection: IP65)
Model PD-12A PD-12B PD-12C
Detection Principle Hot wire semiconductor Catalytic combustion Thermal conductivity
Gas Detected As per specifications
Sampling Method As per specifications
Suction Flow Over 0.5L/min
Detection Range As per specifications
Alarm Set Value As per specifications
Alarm Accuracy Combustible gas: ±25% of alarm set value under identical conditions
Toxic gas: ±30% of alarm set value under identical conditions
Alarm Delay Combustible gas: Within 30 seconds with 1.6 times of alarm set conditions
Toxic gas: Within 60 seconds with 1.6 times of alarm set concentration
Alarms Gas alarm: Red LED lamp flashes
Trouble alarm: Yellow LED lamp flashes (sensor disconnection, sensor zero drop power supply voltage error, etc.)
Display Four-digit digital LED display
Output Gas concentration analog signal
・4-20mADC (common to the negative side of power supply)
Gas alarm contact or failure contact*1 (one stage only)
・1a no-voltage contact output, Non-latching
・Rated load: 0.5A at 250VAC or 0.5A at 30VDC (resistance load)
Operation At 4 points of magnetic switches
Explosion-proof II 2G Ex d IIB + H2 T4 Gb (ATEX)*2

Ex d IIB + H2 T4 X (TIIS)

Degree of Protection IP65
Applicable Cable Cable outer diameter: 10.5mm to 14.5mm
6-conductor shielded cable: CVV-S 1.25mm2 or 2.0mm2
-10 to +50 °C
10 to 90 %RH (0 to 50 °C)
Power Supply 24 VDC (±20%)
Power Consumption 7.5W max.
Dimensions W133 x H260 x D132 mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 5.2kg

*1 Gas alarm contact is a standard issue. Please specify if you wish a failure contact.
*2 Some are not ATEX approved. For further information, please ask.
*3 No radical temperature or humidity changes and no condensing.

Connectable Alarm Units

UV-810(Multi-point)、V3 typeMNV-100M(One-point)


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Type Approved by TIIS Explosion-proof certification

IP65 rating

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