One-point Type Gas Alarm System NV-100C

Gas Detected
Combustible gas (LPG, methane, etc.)
Detection Principle
Catalytic combustion
Detection Range
0 to 100%LEL
Concentration Indicator
LCD bar-graph meter with backlight

Compact one-point type gas alarm system for combustible gases.

  • Full maintenance functions with very easy zero and span adjustment.
  • Proven reliability with years of experience – COSMOS gas sensors have a small zero drift, a small sensitivity decrease, and a long life.
  • Zero suppression function cancels slight fluctuations of the reading due to environmental change.
  • Compact Indicator/Alarm unit – W113 x H204 x D71.5 mm, Approx. 1.5kg.
  • Battery provides backup power in case of a power failure, allowing continuous monitoring over 60 minutes after   the failure. (option)
Model NV-100C
Detection Principle Catalytic combustion
Gas Detected Combustible gases (LPG, Methane, etc.)
Detection Range 0 to 100 %LEL
Concentration Indicator LCD bar-graph meter with backlight
Alarm accuracy ±25% of an Alarm Set Value
Operation Temperature 0 to +40 °C
Power Source 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60Hz (standard), 24VDC (option)
Power consumption Diffusion type: 12VA/17VA (with the backup power source)
Suction type: 4VA per unit to be added
Alarm indication 1st stage: Red lamp for 1st stage alarm flashing
2nd stage: Red lamps for 1st and 2nd stage alarms flashing
Trouble Indication Power source lamp lights up in orange
External output Alarm output terminal: 1st alarm (1c no-voltage contact), 2nd alarm (1c no-voltage contact), Trouble alarm (1c no-voltage contact); Buzzer (1a no-voltage contact); Analog output: 4-20mA; Contact capacity: 2A@100 VAC (resistance load)
Dimensions and Weight W113 x H204 x D71.5 mm, Approx. 1.5kg (without backup power source)
W113 x H234 x D110 mm, Approx. 3kg (with backup power source)

Connectable Gas Detectors

Diffusion type:KD-5A/KD-5BKD-2A/KD-3AKD-14

Extractive type:PE-2DCPD-14

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