Single-point Gas Alarm Systems NV-120Hv / NV-120Hi

NV-120Hv / NV-120Hi
Target Gas
Combustible gas
Detection Principle
Hotwire semiconductor
Color LCD with backlight

Compact Single-point Gas Alarm Systems for Combustible gas (High-sensitivity).

  • Color LCD for gas concentration display and various settings
  • Audio alarm (voice message) is available in four languages

*Only English and Japanese are available for on-screen languages.

  • Improved operability with jog dial
  • Optional backup power supply unit to provide emergency power in the event of power outage

*Max.7 days (diffusion type) or 2 days (extractive type) during intermittent gas monitoring and max.120 min. During continuous gas monitoring after power outage.

Model NV-120Hv / NV-120Hi
Detection Principle Hotwire semiconductor
Target Gas Combustible gas
Power Voltage AC type: 100 to 240 VAC±10% or DC type: 24 VDC (18 to 26.4 VDC) *1
Power Consumption*2 AC type
Non-backup power type: Standard 2.0 VA (Max. 3.4 VA)
Backup power type: Standard 2.1 VA (Max. 4.7 VA)
DC type
Non-backup power type: Standard 2.0 W (Max. 3.4 W)
External Outputs ・Power output: 24 VDC ± 10% Max.0.3 A
・Signal output: 4-20 mA analog or 1-5 V *1
In the event of failure: ≤ 0.6 mA (for 4-20 mA type) and ≤ 0.25 V (for 1-5 V type)
・1st stage gas alarm contact: Dry, N.O. or N.C.*1
Max. load: 250 VAC 2 A, 30 VDC 2 A (resistive load)
・2nd stage gas alarm contact : Dry, N.O. or N.C.*1
Max. load: 250 VAC 2 A, 30 VDC 2 A (resistive load)
・Fault contact: Dry, N.O. or N.C.*1
Max. load: 250 VAC 2 A, 30 VDC 2 A (resistive load)
・Audio alarm contact: Dry, N.O.
Max. load: 250 VAC 2 A, 30 VDC 2 A (resistive load)
Display Color LCD with backlight
Status Indicator Green POWER LED, red ALARM LED (1st stage gas alarm: flashes and 2nd stage gas
alarm: flashes rapidly) and amber FAULT LED
Gas Alarm ・1st stage gas alarm: ALARM LED flashes red + LCD turns orange + beeping + voice message “Gas alarm”
・2nd stage gas alarm: ALARM LED rapidly flashes red + LCD turns red + fast beeping + voice message “Gas alarm”
Fault Alarm Indication FAULT LED lit amber + error code on display + fast beeping + voice message*3
Compliance RoHS directive (2011/65/EU) *4
Color Case and cover: DIC546 1/2 Backup battery unit: Munsell 10Y8.5/1
Mass Non-backup power type: Approx. 750 g
Backup power type: Approx. 2.2 kg
Dimensions Non-backup power type: W113 mm×D77 mm×H219 mm
Backup power type: W113 mm×D115 mm×H234 mm
Operating Temperature Non-backup power type: –10 to 50°C
Backup power type: 0 to 40°C No rapid temperature change.
Operating Humidity 0 to 90%RH No condensation.
Backup Power Type*5 Without intermittent gas-monitoring mode:
In the event of a power outage, the unit will continue continuous gas-monitoring for another 120 minutes or more.

*1. Must be specified at the time of ordering.

*2. Consumption power of the connected gas detector is excluded.

*3. Voice message changes depending on the nature of the fault.

*4. None of the hazardous substances restricted by the RoHS directive is used in this product.

*5. Backup power type units are all AC type units.

*Only New Cosmos-manufactured gas detector can be connected to this product.

*Specifications above may be subject to change without notice.

*N.O.: Normally open.  *N.C.: Normally closed.

Connectable Detectors

Diffusion type:KD-5A/KD-5BKD-2A/KD-3AKD-14

Extractive type:PE-2DCPD-14

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