Why Gas Detectors in Australia Are Important

For industries that involve exposure to noxious gases, the role of gas leak detectors in Australia is an important one.
Good quality gas leak detection systems can keep employees from being harmed, or even save lives in the unfortunate event that a dangerous gas escapes containment. Many dangerous gases are colourless and odorless, and are therefore undetectable without the help of detectors.
Gas detectors can be used to detect combustible gases, flammable gases, gases that pose inhalation hazards and gases that can cause asphyxiation by preventing the intake of oxygen. They are a critical component in your safety strategy.

Reasons for using gas detectors in Australia;

Inhalation Hazards

One of the main reasons gas detectors are needed in the workplace is to protect employees from inhalation hazards. There are many industrial gases that are used in the manufacturing process that are dangerous to the human body if inhaled. Chlorine gas, as an example, is a common component in many chemical manufacturing processes, and it is a common byproduct of chemical reactions in industrial settings. However, it is very dangerous if inhaled, causing permanent damage and even death with just minimal exposure. Another common by-product gas that is dangerous to the human body is carbon monoxide. It is colorless and odorless, and therefore can’t be detected by human senses alone.

Combustible Hazards

Many gases used in the manufacturing process are highly combustible, meaning that they represent a fire or explosion risk if they come into contact with heat, flames, electricity, or other catalyst chemicals. While some of them may be detectable by human senses, some can quickly be rendered undetectable when a constantly present scent becomes unnoticeable over time. When flammable gases become concentrated, they represent an incredibly dangerous situation that can result in an explosion endangering lives. Gas detectors will quickly detect the presence of such hazards and provide employees with early warning so they can mitigate the situation or evacuate to safety.

Asphyxiation Hazards

Another hazard in the workplace that can be related to gases is asphyxiation, also known as suffocation. It can happen when adequate oxygen is unavailable for people to breathe. One way this can occur is if combustion has used the available oxygen in a confined space, that could result in low oxygen levels. An employee who enters that space could be rendered unconscious and if left long enough, can be lethal.

If you work in an industry in which gases could be present, and inhalation, combustion or asphyxiation hazards may occur, you need to consider purchasing a gas detector in your workspace to keep employees safe.

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