Cosmos SDM-72 & SDM-73 Grease & Oil Steel Particle Analysers Package...Save $500 AUD


One of the most common causes of premature bearing and gear failure is the build-up of steel dust and abrasive particles in the lubricant, which over a period of time can slowly wear away the bearing’s internal structure or gearset. This increases friction and as a result will eventually cause the bearing or gearset to heat up beyond what it was designed for, which can eventually lead to an unexpected collapse of the bearing or gearset.

Early detection of bearing or gearset wear before vibration becomes apparent can potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars in new bearings, gears and lost productivity.

Safegas Detection Equipment supplies specialised oil and grease detectors that analyse a small sample of the lubricant to detect small traces of steel dust and abrasives in the oil or grease.

The Cosmos SDM-72 and SDM-73 analysers are portable test instruments that allow oil and grease lubrication to be analysed on-site with results given within seconds. Safegas recommends analysing the bearing or gearset lubricant regularly to help monitor its condition and if necessary replace the lubricant in an effort to prolong the bearing or gearset life.

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  • Simple diagnosis and trend monitoring of the wear condition of greased or oiled bearings, gears, etc.
  • Pre-diagnosis for Ferrography method and SOAP method
  • Able to diagnose the bearing condition, even long before wear-induced vibration becomes detectable, by measuring the amount of steel dust in the grease or oil in the lubricant.
  • Simple operation – simply measured by a grease or oil sample
Model SDM-72 & SDM-73
Measurement Principle Magnetic balance type electromagnetic method
Substance Measured Steel dust concentration in grease & oil
Measurement Range 0 to 5.000 %Wt
Minimum Resolusion 0.001 %Wt
Zero adjustment Automatic adjustment
Amount of sample Approx. 0.8ml
Power Source 4 x AA (R6) alkaline drycells
Battery Life*1 Up to 30 hours by alkaline cells
Operating temperature 0 to +40 °C
Dimensions W84 x H190 x D40 mm
Weight Approx. 500g (including batteries)
Standard Accessories Carrying case, grease sampling spatula, grease sample case (10 pieces) or oil sampling syringes and 4 x AA (R6) alkaline drycells

*1 Battery life may vary with ambient conditions, conditions of use, storage period, battery manufacturers, etc.

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