Steel Dust-
Oil & Grease Analysers
Designed for Machinery Lubricant SDM-73 LEARN MORE SDM-72
Odour Level Detectors For Odour Control XP-329m LEARN MORE XP-329ⅢR For Monitoring Carbon Dioxide Levels in a Room LEARN MORE Honeywell CO2 Transmission Risk
Air Monitor

Do you know the condition of your machinery lubricant?

Are you breathing safe clean air at your home or workplace?


Safegas Detection Equipment is an Australian, Perth based gas detection business offering clients an array of portable gas and non gas detection equipment to suit your specific monitoring needs.

Safegas Detection Equipment was established to help cater for the increasing demand placed on companies and businesses to provide a safe working environment for their workers and to help protect their valuable assets. In addition to monitoring the gas and air quality within the workplace environment, we also help mitigate the damaging effects of premature wear to machinery by offering an inexpensive solution to regularly monitor the condition of the machinery lubricant.

We are the Australian & New Zealand distributor for New Cosmos portable gas, odour and oil & grease steel dust particle detection equipment and an authorised re-seller for Honeywell portable gas detection equipment. We are also a distributor and service agent for the Australian made smoke alarm manufacturer – Red Smoke Alarms.

We supply an extensive range of Honeywell portable industrial gas detectors for all industries. These include toxic gas detectors, combustible gas detectors, VOC monitors and so on. Safegas also supply smoke alarms and methane leakage detectors as well as  the New Cosmos XP-329m & XP-329IIIr odor detection monitors for odour control and the New Cosmos SDM-72 & SDM-73 grease and oil steel dust meters for measuring the abrasive steel particle content in oil and greased machinery.


  • Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens
  • Robotics
  • Food & Beverage Processing & Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Goods Processing & Packaging
  • Medical & Dental Facilities
  • Spray Painting & Sandblasting
  • Steel Making
  • Construction
  • Railways
  • Shipping
  • Aviation
  • Power Generation
  • Surface & Underground Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Utilities
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Laboratories, Universities & Research Facilities
  • Automotive


  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Electric motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Wind, steam & gas turbines
  • Generators
  • Conveyors
  • Crushers & mills
  • Industrial fans & blowers
  • Earthmoving Plant & Equipment
  • Freight & passenger trains
  • Cargo, container & passenger ships
  • Oil tankers, gas & livestock carriers
  • Container unloading gantry cranes
  • Overhead workshop & construction cranes
  • Robotics
  • Escalators & travelators
  • Metal & woodworking machines

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