What are VOC detectors

What are VOC Detectors-

In many types of industrial facilities, volatile organic compounds pose some of the greatest threats to the safety of employees. Commonly known as VOC, they can lead to workers suffering from nerve and kidney damage if left undetected. Because of this, companies within the oil and gas industry, as well as wastewater treatment plants, refineries, and processing facilities, have started using VOC gas detectors to protect employees as well as multi-million dollar buildings and equipment. To gain a better understanding of VOC detectors and how they work, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

How a VOC Meter Detects Compounds-

To detect dangerous compounds, these detectors rely on PID photo ionization. One of the newest and most accurate technologies available today, this process can ionize molecules using ultraviolet light, and then measure the electron levels and their flow. In doing so, they can detect various combinations of toxic and combustible gases, allowing them to be used in multiple types of industrial environments.

Programmable Controls-

To ensure volatile organic compounds are detected as quickly as possible, VOC monitors are now equipped with programmable controls that virtually eliminate false alarms and allow for strict security parameters to be maintained when calibrating the detectors. Since only select management personnel and emergency workers are usually authorized to change calibration settings, these controls ensure the detectors will produce accurate results.

Optional Alarm Relays-

Considered one of the biggest technological advances in VOC detection, optional alarm relays allow sensors to be equipped with light, horns, vibration and other warning systems that can help employees learn of impending danger.

A Safer Workplace-

Since workers in numerous industrial facilities work around cleaning products, paints, and other solvents on a daily basis, it’s important to have detection systems in place that are reliable and accurate. With the many technological advances such as optional alarm relays, programmable controls, and photo ionization, it has become much easier to make factories, processing plants, drilling platforms, and other areas much safer.


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17th July 2021 | By SafeGas

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