Oxygen (O2) Monitor & Alarm KS-7O


Gas Detected
Detected Principle
Galvanic cell
Detection Range
0vol% to 25.0vol% or 0vol% to 50.0vol%
W82 x H150 x D35 mm (excluding protrusions)

Compact and light-weight one-piece type gas indicator & alarm.

Available on backorder

  • Clean rooms for semiconductor factory
  • Various test rooms for continuous monitoring of oxygen deficiency and the safety under construction.
  • Clear flowing lamp for gas alarm.
  • Automatic backup to operate under electric power failure for more than 2 weeks (350 hrs).
  • Small and lightweight for easy installation.
Model KS-7O
Gas Detected Oxygen
Detection Range 0 to 25.0 vol% or 0 to 50.0 vol%
Concentration Indication LCD 3-digit digital, 0.1vol% resolution (with backlight)
Alam Set Value For 25.0vol%: 1st stage 19.0vol%, 2nd stage: 18.0vol%

For 50.0vol%: 1st stage 18.0vol%, 2nd stage: 25.0vol%

Alarm Indication 1st stage: Orange LED blinks, flowing Orange status lamp
2nd stage: Red LED blinks, flowing Red status lamp
Buzzer: more than 70 dB/m
External Output Gas concentration analog output: 4-20m ADC
Gas alarm contact for 1st and 2nd stage: 1a non-voltage
Latching (standard) or non-latching
Other Functions Maintenance mode, alarm stop
Operating Temperature/humidity -10 to +40 °C / 30 to 85 %RH
Power Source 24 VDC ±10%
Power Consumption Monitoring: 1W, During alarm: 3W
Dimensions W82 x H150 x D35 mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight Approx. 300g
Options Separate Sensor Unit KS-7OF, Battery Unit KS-7xB

Oxygen (O2)

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